Guitar Classes

Guitar classes are music classes that focus on the study and performance of music on the guitar. These classes can be suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced guitarists.

In a guitar class, students might learn how to:

  1. Read and interpret sheet music or guitar tablature
  2. Play melodies, chords, and accompaniments using proper technique and finger placement
  3. Understand and use basic music theory concepts, such as scales, chords, and intervals
  4. Develop their own style and expression as a guitarist
  5. Perform a variety of repertoire, including solo and ensemble pieces

Depending on the level and focus of the class, students might also learn about the history of guitar music, the techniques used by professional guitarists, and how to improvise or compose their own music. Classes might be offered in private or group format, and may be taught on acoustic or electric guitar.




Affiliated to Pracheen kala Kendra, Chandigarh, we teach Hindustani classical music in a guru-shishya gharana style. Learn to sing Ragas, Thumri, Bandish and advanced singing in Hindustani classical. Music classes for children, adults and all ages.


Certification courses from Trinity School of London and specialized Western vocal classes in India. Online and Offline music Classes for children, adults as well as senior citizens. Learn from best teachers in Western Music. . Individual classes to build integrated skills of reading music, vocal performances, music listening, and instrumental performances


Learn Acoustic or Electric guitar as per your choice and get trained in classical, Blues , Jazz , Country Guitar or learn your customized own style of guitar playing with Ragaaz Guitar classes. Get certified by Trinity School of London as well as Rock School, one can opt for suitable curriculum as per the interest. Online and Offline guitar classes for all ages


Certification course from Trinity School of London as well as Rock School. Learn drums from best teachers in our online and offline drum classes. Beginners to advanced level Drums learning with Acoustic and Electric drums


Learn to play different music styles and techniques from our professional artists. Learn to read music notations-sight reading, chords, scales and individual music pieces. . At Simran's Music Academy, we follow the curriculum prescribed by Trinity school of London for keyboard and piano learning. We help you to play with incredible accuracy and recreate complicated passages from classical music with practice. You can complete your piano learning from grade 1 to grade 8 with Simran's Music Education.


Learn Bollywood music, Sufi, Bhajans, Ghazals and different genres of light music singing. Karaoke singing practice and special training for participating in reality shows. Learn, perform and record your songs with Simran's music classes